Anthony Day

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Anthony Day

Content Producer

Beginning his career working for an international broadcaster as a Production Assistant, he soon moved up to being a full-time creative producer. As an all-rounder, he was the creative, the editor and the Producer. As part of an award-winning team, he left traditional broadcast and shifted to digital.

The move into VOD that followed was a successful time and a place where he mastered his skills as a creative and post-Producer.  Having been involved in training team members in Promo and postproduction he rose to Senior before a new pathway came calling.

His time in broadcast and digital led him to the role of content producer and at the beginning of 2022 he joined Hogarth. He brings a decade worth of creative experience and postproduction knowledge with him. He always had an eye on joining a full service production house and from the first moment he walked the door, he felt like he was right where he belonged!