Alessandro Tessa

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Alessandro Tessa

Content Producer

Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, Alessandro began his career back in 2004 covering various roles across TV production, magazine publication, photography and post-production.

In 2008, Alessandro embarked for London town seeking a career in fashion photography but gravitated naturally back into post-production.

After 11 years at Tag Worldwide, Alessandro succeeded to the rank of Executive Producer on the Unilever and Arla Foods accounts, where he specialised in versioning, amplification, and content creation across global TVCs, Cinema and online content. Alessandro was successful in building and nurturing teams, taking on brand to agency shoots and established the Smoke & Mirrors international facility in Chennai, India.

Most recently, Alessandro has enjoyed adapting to a roster of new clients while contracting for various companies, including ‘icp’, Oliver, Love Europe & Partners (LEAP) and now, GPS.