David Lazaro

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David Lazaro

Sound Designer

As a Soho Sound Designer this is not Laz's first rodeo - he's been accused by some of being present when Scott de Martinville made the first ever audio recordings on paper. It is true to say though, that Laz has been around long enough to have fully developed a variety of styles for a variety of expediencies. His approach to sound is informed by his background as a session musician - pitch, volume, timing, rhythm, the melodic arc offering the shape of the mix and the beauty (or ugliness) offering the character. He believes that the pictures tell you the story but that the sound brings you the emotional response. Crucially, Laz feels that, unlike jazz, the listener's enjoyment should be more important than the performer's.

Personally, Laz is more astronomy than astrology, more globalist than nationalist, more family than clubbing and more 20th century African American music than almost anything else.

Laz is shy about his hobbies, loves sports and thinks podcasts are brilliant. He's won several awards during his audio career, but mostly they've been stolen.